"Reading the hardships of other women showed me we can get through everything."

"The most useful part about the PLAYBOOK for Teens STE@M™ Mentoring Program was that it showed me that just because I might face many difficulties in life I will not just have to give up. It taught me that you might not want the career you expected to have anymore, but that doesn't mean you can't choose another career."

“I wish I had this when I was a young girl!” –Karlyn S. Oberg, Entrepreneur

"I liked the advice the women would have given their teenage self."

"This is a gem for career practitioners, counselors, coaches, and educators to use in small groups or individually." -Tracy DiFilippis M.S. GCDF, Career Educator

"The PLAYBOOK for Teens STE@M™ Mentoring Program taught me that women can do whatever they want and whatever men can do if they just set their mind to it and believe they can."

"I loved reading about all the amazing women and their stories."

"The PLAYBOOK for Teens STE@M™ Mentoring Program reminded me to stay on the right path."


 “Finally, a resource to get girls into STE@M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) that they will actually like!!! The playbook for teens is an engaging read for teens.  It does a wonderful job of highlighting all kinds of women, in all sorts of STEM fields.  The concept for the book is both simple and powerful.” –John Agostinelli, Sacramento County Office of EducaGon

"PLAYBOOK for Teens STE@M™ Mentoring Program really helped open my eyes to all the different careers in the world."

“What a brilliant way to tell young women about STE@M careers. Story telling is powerful and the Playbook stories of successful and powerful women make them come alive. This is a must read for young women and parents.  Cari Vinci and Carleen MacKay have nailed it. Kudos to them!” –Marilyn Nelson, Executive and Transition Coach

"A Must-Have in every Girl's Toolkit. I've been a STEM educator for more than a decade. Parents - PLEASE give Playbook for Teens to your teenage daughter." - Michael Carney, MESA Director