Playbook for Teens is available in print and digital format at Amazon.

Cari Vinci is a serial entrepreneur with 35+ years of experience in the business world. She co-authored with Carleen MacKay, PLAYBOOK for Teens, part of a career playbook series. 

Her goal with InVINCIble Enterprises is to empower smart, talented teens to become future business owners & leaders in STE@M™ industries; and to help solve STEM talent pool problems for Fortune 1000 companies.

Cari is a frequent speaker at STE@M events for teens, educators and parents. Topics include: "Are you raising a STE@M SuperStar?";  "Women empowered by STE@M"; "Inspiring STE@M Leaders"; "Create your 10-year Home Run". 

As president of FranNet West, Vinci coached individuals to become CEO’s of their life. She has hired and motivated over 700 sales consultants, designed training programs, written a book on Meeting Management, and founded Team da Vinci, a Commercial Division of Keller Williams Real Estate. 

Carleen MacKay is a Futurist, Workforce Expert, and Author. Frequently described as the voice of the emergent workforce, Carleen MacKay is an established author, national keynoter, demographer, and multi-­‐ generational, multi-­‐sector subject matter expert on the subject of the 21st century US workforce. MacKay has written 4 books on the workforce.  A fifth book -­‐ WORK – a multigenerational guide to working in the U.S. in the 21st century, is scheduled for release by Kelly Services/Career Partners in 2015. She is co-­‐author of PLAYBOOK for Teens.

Cari & Carleen